Charity is a big part of the Mind’s Eye Society. We are known for our charitable giving all over the globe. We have given literally tons of food and gallons of blood to help those in need. In many ways charity is as much a part of our events as the games we play.

How are charities chosen?
Charities that are near and dear to the hearts of our members are suggested to the coordinators of local domains and chapters as well as coordinators for the events we hold. Some of the charities that are often supported are: women and children’s shelters, animal rescues and disease research foundations.

What do we do to raise funds?
Our membership’s creativity in raising funds is amazing. There are no dull bake sales or raffles for the MES! To try to list all the amazing ideas would take way too much time but be assured that each charity event is amazing!

Where do the funds/collected items go?
The funds or items collected usually go to the local area where the event is being held. If it is a chapter or domain collection, the items will go to the area where the chapter or domain is located. If the charity is a national charity the donations can go to the nearest donation station or to the charity in the form of monetary donations usually given via the charity’s website.